Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Muse Exchange on the Arts Stage 7/2/20

Alive After Five Virtual Edition 2020

The Muse Exchange is a tribe of spoken word artists, visual artists, musicians and performers. Formed in the early 2000's, Muse has been a burgeoning part of the Long Island arts community and a gathering place for creative content and discussion. The Muse opens its arms to anyone in need of a place to share talent, thoughts or test ideas. If you’re looking for a new, warm hang to connect and share with other creative energies this is for you!
The Muse Exchange has produced several open mic series and special events for poetry, comedy, spoken word, idea sharing, storytelling, visual art and song.

 The Muse Exchange will bring us spoken word with Pete MC2 as host!

 Pete Mc2 is poet hailing out of Long island, NY who's work explores finding ground in vulnerability among extraordinary absurdity. He's best known as the current torch bearer of the Muse, Long Island's hot spot for poets, creatives and weirdos. His new book the edge of an observable universe is currently yellowing on a curb somewhere.
Featured Poets:
Melissa Marie  

 Our programming has been infected with a virus. This affects YOU. We are dreaming and do not know we are in a dream. We must WAKE UP! Or we will destroy ourselves. @ispeakforthebarbaloots
Rosa Todaro